We’re committed to keeping the community informed by providing updates to Derry Township, updating our project website and sending updates to residents along the underground route. If you question you can:

  • • Call the project team at (817)-975-7099
  • • Email: HersheyProject@pplweb.com

Project Summary

Project Need

  • The existing transmission line has reached its end of useful life, which creates a reliability concern to more than 8,100 customers in the Hershey area. PPL Electric Utilities will be building a new 2.4-mile underground transmission line in replacement of the existing aboveground transmission line along a new right-of-way.

Why is this Project needed?

  • • The existing line is over 50 years old and past its useful, reliable service life.
  • • This line will see increased failures, outages and maintenance if it is not replaced.
  • • We have a responsibility to maintain our facilities to serve customers with reliable electric service.
  • •Over the past 5 years, approximately 158,000 of our customers lost power because of aging wood related failures on our transmission system. The total outage time from those failures is equal to having 600 customers without power for an entire year.

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