3D Visualization

We work side-by-side with project teams to develop overall messaging and identify appropriate technology and media application that meets any project requirement.

Our team combines photo simulations & 3D/4D scheduling animations and conceptual design and construction animations to develop narratives for large engineering and construction projects. As creative partners to the project team, we connect messaging with technology and media applications to clearly communicate complex design and construction concepts to all stakeholders.


We prove every day that animation is not only cartoons for children, but also an excellent tool to create engaging content for your customers. If you are looking for an effective video form to present your brand or service, check out the potential of animated advertising.

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Photo Simulations

You see it everywhere and every day – on TV, in commercials, video teasers, and online videos. Motion graphics, which is about creating an illusion of motion, bring static illustrations and text to life. Together with sound effects, it creates a dynamic and expressive picture.

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Every day is a new adventure for us in the world of online marketing. We discover, create and present even the most complex issues to make them comprehensible and attractive to customers.

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Lets Connect

Drop an email to Stephen Paul, the Visualization Studio Director of the Viz Studio to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you connect create and deliver your project’s vision.

Email: info@aecomviz.com