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Chris is an experienced 3D Artist with a knack for finding unique solutions to rendering and animation challenges. 

Since the beginning of his career in 2000 his primary tool for creating compelling and informational visualization deliverables has been 3ds Max,

His skills and abilities allow him to take a project from start to finish as a solo artist, or lead production on projects of a larger scale.

Beyond production work, Chris has taken on some additional support roles to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. 

These include tracking and maintaining their technology and software, developing and disseminating process improvements and best practices, and ensuring their shared asset libraries are organized and intuitive.


FUN Fact

After several years of bowling just for fun with some friends, Chris ended up joining a sanctioned league around 2015. 

Although he’s never had a perfect 300 game, he’s been close with a score of 279.  Twice.

He also enjoys camping with friends and family, puttering in his garage, and watching movies