JFK Airport Render


Bring clarity to your project with an impactful and engaging story that resonates with clients. As part of Americas DCS Marketing, AECOM’s Viz Studio unites creative and technical excellence to help projects come to life. Offering decades of experience and innovative insight into emerging technologies, the group is comprised of AECOM and legacy URS professionals to form a uniquely talented team that partners with project managers, leadership and clients to deliver compelling visual stories about projects through tailored and effective media for presentations, pursuits and all visual communications.


SH-360/I-30 Highway Interchange Project

“I wanted to express my appreciation to each of you for your support on this pursuit – it truly represented a regional and national team effort. I spoke to TxDOT earlier today and they indicated that our presentation was the best and part of the reason was the 3-D model developed by Jeff Coleman’s group in Tampa. They hinted that our competitor’s models were difficult to follow and sometimes confusing. We had a well thought-out message that was reinforced by the 3-D model. Thank you so much for making Jeff available to us.”

Eddie Sanchez (Principal Transportation Manager)

Smith Point Bridge Project

“On behalf of Bill and Raj, I just wanted to extend our thanks to you and your amazing team for all of the work you did on the renderings and animation videos for the Smith Point Bridge Project. According to Bill’s e-mail below, the presentation this morning went very well. Raj also told me that the Suffolk County folks were very impressed and intrigued by the animation videos, especially the one showing the construction. Their interest was especially piqued when Raj told them “URS can build this bridge without even stepping one foot into the water. Do you want to see?” It was a pretty big hit! Please share our thanks with everyone else on your team for a job very well done!”

Nelson Hernandez, P.E., LEED® AP (PM)

BEQ Program – MCB Camp Pendleton

“I have worked my entire career (12 years) for the Navy. During this time, I must have submitted more than 500 reports and plans for the Navy and USMC. I can assure you that not one of these plans made it to the eyes of the Secretary of the Navy (until you guys came along). The BEQ video that you developed was such a hit, that they are asking for a copy of it for the brief with the SECNAV next week.”

Elizabeth Nedeff, AICP (PM)

IH-610/US-290 Highway Interchange Project

“We (IDC+URS) were selected on the IH610/US290 Interchange Project, and the brief feedback we received is that we have a great team, and the 3d animation video blew them away. No other team presented anything close to the innovation presentation we provided in our interview. The 4D stuff was also a big draw.

This is a huge strategic win for URS in Texas, and I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate the hard work you and your team delivered. Clearly, your work made a BIG difference.”

John Bailie, Jr. (VP Engineering and Construction Services)