What We Do

Immersive technology is helping local communities, commuters, and infrastructure companies to understand the designs and impacts of big new projects.

Virtual Reality

Augumented Reality

Mixed Reality

Revolutionizing Platforms

Creativity, connectivity and the technological frontier are rapidly advancing the use of immersive technologies. Our experts are the vanguard of this frontier and are currently applying immersive technologies to environmental, health and safety training programs. These sessions create more meaningful training experiences by enabling employees to engage their senses and actively participate within controlled, virtual environments. And training is just the beginning. Our team is continuously learning, absorbing the fast-moving technological advances that are opening up the possibilities to apply this new technology. As these advances develop our team will continue to create and develop new opportunities to apply this most creative and innovative technology.

Mobile 360 Apps

Virtual environment for phone or tablet using 360° panoramic images. Gaze navigation, triggered by “hotspots” connecting user to next image. Great for public outreach, shows completed design or construction.

Room-Scaled Virtual Reality Environment

Physically move in room-scaled virtual reality environment, handheld controllers for manipulating, and interacting with virtual objects. Locational audio, playback and tracking capabilities to record, follow movements. Great for showing design and training with vastly increased interaction capability.

Mixed Reality Platform

User sees physical world and high-definition holograms. Greater collaboration as multiple users see same virtual world simultaneously. More sophisticated and complex than other platforms, provides highest interactivity.