Las Vegas Club Ride Interactive Kiosk

Club Ride Commuter Services is a free program from The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) designed to help reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and mobility, encourage the use of commute alternatives, and ultimately, create a more sustainable community. It also offers Club Ride Rewards, a financial incentive program available to all members. Participants can win prizes simply by reporting days they make a clean commute to their workplace. Commutes are easily recorded by using the Club Ride Rewards smart phone app, on-site touch screen kiosks, VeriFone swipe terminals, as well as by text, phone or online.

RTC contacted URS/AECOM to create an interactive kiosk that will allow employees to scan and report their daily choice of commute. We were tasked to create and design a custom application. Our first task was to find an affordable vendor to purchase kiosks that had a built in card scanner. Once we were shipped the first kiosk we had to test and troubleshoot how the system works. The client sent us a handful of club ride cards to do our live testing.

The club ride cards have a magnetic stripe on the back of the card. Once the user swipes the card through the card scanner, the data from their card is sent to the Club Ride database. After the card is validated with the system, the user is prompted to select their mode of transportation that day. Next the user is prompted with a thank you screen. The session is then closed and the next person can scan their card. The whole process only takes the user about 5 seconds.

While the kiosk is in idle mode we decided it would be best to have an animation and QR links to download the Club Ride mobile apps. The video above is the animation that plays automatically, the animation helped draw attention to the kiosk. There are currently 68 of these kiosks installed at select employer partner locations throughout the valley.