AECOM EHS Service Summary Sheet

ECI Program

Legacy Liability Remedial Exit Strategy Development Process


Focusses on the EXIT part of a site’s remedial strategy and how to identify and ideally manage stakeholder engagement risk.


Enables strategy review team to visually compare different developed exit strategies impact based upon client specific KPIs.
Focusses resources on a strategy that reflects client cash flow needs.

Deployment Steps:

Assemble AECOM RESD team and client rep to profile company and site, ID objectives, workshop solutions, develop risk register, validate with stakeholders, and implement.

Timeline to Develop:

One month to develop, actual implementation depends upon strategy.

Rough Cost:

$20K plus travel as needed presuming well informed company remediation manager.

AECOM Team location:

Multiple globally.

Novartis Interface Required:

Remediation with access to corporate finance goals.

Link to more info / video:


Example strategy comparison