AECOM EHS Service Summary Sheet

ECI Program

Leak Detection and Response (LDAR)


Forward looking InfraRed Camera to detect leaks and minimize field technician safety challenges ( heights, moving around pipe racks etc)


Much faster leak assessment timeframe, solid compliance documentation, savings due to fugitive emissions management

Deployment Steps:

  1. Planning and mobilization, including review of Process and Instrumentation drawings
  2. Flagging and Tagging of components
  3. Detection and Repair, and
  4. Proving reductions by repeat detection.

Timeline to Develop:

Depends upon site size, Field work faster and more effective than standard leak detection

Rough Cost:

Depends upon site size and complexity

AECOM Team location:

Deployed from Core locations in EU, Americas and Novartis AMEA as well

Novartis Interface Required:

Site Ops manager, Engineering lead, EHS manager

Link to more info / video: