AECOM EHS Service Summary Sheet

ECI Program

Portfolio Risk and Liability Assessment


Assess environmental risks and liabilities across an entire portfolio of facilities


Makes best use of available data within a consistent assessment framework Classifies risk and estimates the range of potential liabilities across portfolio allowing further assessment and mitigation actions to be prioritized

Deployment Steps:

Assemble AECOM assessment team and client rep to collate data from sites; review data; develop assessment framework including risk scores, liability triggers (e.g. regulatory, commercial) and mitigation costs; implement and validate

Timeline to Develop:

4 to 6 weeks to implement depending upon data availability

Rough Cost:

$ 50 – 70 K plus travel as needed

AECOM Team location:

Global network of AECOM environmental leads provide local input to assessment framework. Central resource for assessment and modelling based in the UK

Novartis Interface Required:

Remediation/EHS lead with access to corporate risk management / finance goals

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