AECOM EHS Service Summary Sheet

ECI Program

Programmatic Stack Testing


Programmatic Approach to Outsourcing of Stack Testing


  • Releases Client testing resources for better utilization elsewhere
  • Provides durable highly qualified teams in tight skillset market
  • Enables Client to shift equipment management responsibility to outsourced team
  • Ensures maximum availability of resources which enables operational facility testing flexibility
  • Resources can be cross trained to sample other media

Deployment Steps:

  1. Identify major facilities with stack testing requirement
  2. Coordinate training, technical procedures, equip. utilization & maintenance & staff scheduling
  3. Agree equipment supply model ( lease of client equipment, programmatic purchase, other)
  4. Embed staff at identified locations

Timeline to Develop:

Depends upon complexity of facility

Rough Cost:

Depends upon complexity of facility and duration of engagement

AECOM Team location:

Presently in United States, Possible development elsewhere

Novartis Interface Required:

Site Operations lead, Site HSE Lead, Site Compliance Officer

Link to more info / video:



  • Embedded team will have access to AECOM’s global testing technical resources.
  • Any team seconded onsite will be trained to be capable of handling routine testing, but for larger, more complex testing AECOM will ensure that the team is working with our technical leaders for advice, oversight and equipment/staffing resources.