AECOM EHS Service Summary Sheet

ECI Program

Virtual Reality Safety Training For Your Critical Processes


Uses client ‘virtual asset’ setting to provide ‘real time’ immersive training with a safe ‘consequence environment. Result is realistic interaction that enhances “muscle memory”, retention of information, and trainee engagement.


1) More consistent training
2) Improved competency
3) Remote training

Deployment Steps:

Process review, module scripting and storyboarding with AECOM technical and design team, module testing and QA/QC, and module rollout.

Timeline to Develop:

3-6 months (based on complexity)

Rough Cost:

USD$25-75,000 (based on complexity)

AECOM Team location:

Minneapolis and London are the development centers.

Novartis Interface Required:

Access to your technical experts for the related processes and safety training personnel to effectively develop a model.


Once a base module is developed, other training modules using the same VR “scene” or environment can be done more cost-effectively.