AECOM EHS Service Summary Sheet

ECI Program

Waste Minimization Program


Identifies synergies and best practice across client manufacturing portfolio


Short and longer term reduction in waste generation and management costs

Deployment Steps:

  1. Preparation of a Site Waste Management Report for each site, a Waste Management Plan, Opportunities Assessment
  2. Identifying easily changed site waste management practices resulting in short term cost savings.
  3. Looking at synergies and dissemination of best practice across the portfolio.

Timeline to Develop:

One month per site, actual implementation depends upon local savings opportunities identified and assembly of portfolio waste management data

Rough Cost:

$ 10 – 15 K per site

AECOM Team location:

Deployed from multiple locations around EMIA based on a small focussed team of specialist lead assessors / available in Americas and Novartis AMEA as well

Novartis Interface Required:

Site Facilities manager, Engineering lead, EHS manager

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