3D Visualization

Our team combines photo simulations & 3D/4D scheduling animations and conceptual design and construction animations to develop narratives for large engineering and construction projects. As creative partners to the project team, we connect messaging with technology and media applications to clearly communicate complex design and construction concepts to all stakeholders.

Every Project Is A Story Waiting To Be Told

Video Production

Our experience, ranging from the production of television commericals to documentaries, uniquely qualifies us for any video production task.

About Us

Our team connects creativity, expertise and the latest technologies, building advanced responsive interactive websites that deliver your project vision in ways that engage public and private stakeholders. We blend creativity and expertise, delivering responsive content management systems, multimedia presentations, online training presentations, custom application development, and dedicated web hosting all designed for interaction to bring your project vision to life.

360 Moblie Apps

Virtual environment for phone or tablet using 360° panoramic images. Gaze navigation, triggered by “hotspots” connecting user to next image. Great for public outreach, shows completed design or construction.

Immersive technology is helping local communities, commuters, and infrastructure companies to understand the designs and impacts of big new projects.

Contact us

Drop an email to Stephen Paul, the Visualization Studio Director of the Viz Studio to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you connect create and deliver your project’s vision.