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Stephen Paul is Director of the AECOM DCS Americas Visualization Studio. He holds an MFA in Interactive Media Design from the University of Minnesota.

Prior to joining AECOM, he was Media Arts and Animation,    Visual Effects and Motion Graphics faculty for the Art Institutes International Minnesota for 15 years, and concurrently for 10 years with the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

He has been a designer, animator, filmmaker, producer, director and manager for more than 30 years, studying and practicing methodologies in digital immersive experiences for                  more than 20.

Since joining AECOM in 2014, one of his main missions in leading the team has been to expand the capabilities of visualization within AECOM to develop more engaging, interactive and immersive visual communication tools that effectively connect with our stakeholders.


FUN Fact
Steve continues to keep in touch with his Theatrical Design roots. With his partner, noted Choreographer Paula Mann, and their production company www.timetrackdance.org, he creates projection, lighting, sound and set designs that have engaged international audiences with their live and virtual performances.

He may have even cameo’d as the Phantom, in Phantom of the Opera, though this may never ever be confirmed.