ABSOLUTELY!! Working with the AECOM Viz team was again a HUGE success. The best part of the experience was sharing our vision of the meeting and working collaboratively to make it happen. With the most recent updates to the platform, we now have a public friendly menu guiding people to their area of interest. This was a huge success and greatly appreciated by our client and the public alike!

Odessa L. Phillip, P.E. , President & CEO, Assedo Consulting, LLC

“This is how I really feel! My first experience working with the Viz Team was amazing! Going into the project, I had absolutely no idea what was involved. They met with us, answered all our questions and were there throughout the entire process, providing excellent advice and making the entire process fun. I have nothing but great things to say about them – they are all very talented and extremely professional!! Can’t wait to work with them again!!”

Gina DeSimone-Taylor, Creative Team Marketing Manager, Environmental BL

Team – There is no doubt this was group effort. The entire visual team did a phenomenal job on such an expedited schedule. Everyone should be very proud of their contributions and accomplishment. I am always in awe and grateful to work with this entire team. Each of the CEO Circle Team members were impressed by the room. You wowed them all.

Lindsey N.M. Humphrey , Marketing Manager, Environmental National BL

While we developed the virtual room because we were unable to host in person stakeholder meetings during the pandemic, we found that the virtual room had some unexpected benefits over meeting in person. First, the virtual setting allowed those who would not otherwise be able to attend due to mobility, child care or work conflicts to participate in the engagement process. Second, the always-on nature of the room allowed County residents to engage with the Climate Action Plan materials when it was convenient for them.

Ida Namur, CEP , Vice President, Energy

AECOM’s Visualization Team delivered a high quality virtual room that has interactively informed the public of the East Colfax BRT project as it has moved forward through preliminary engineering and the NEPA process. The unique-to-Colfax graphics and user-friendly interface have facilitated an influx of positive public feedback on the project.

Amber Haines, Parsons, Colfax BRT Deputy Project Manager

The American Planning Association’s National Capital Area Chapter selected M-NCPPC’s West Hyattsville Queens Chapel Sector Plan for the chapter’s 2021 conference to share virtual engagement success stories with planning professionals in the DC region. The virtual room that AECOM developed for the planning process was featured in the conference for its ability to provide a tailored experience for stakeholders, host live chat sessions, and get the community excited about the future of the neighborhood.

Joyce Tsepas, AICP, Urban Planning Lead, Urbanism + Planning

Seriously, none of this would be possible without you all. I cannot express my gratitude enough. It was an uphill battle (which seemed to only get steeper at the end). I’ve said it before, but we are incredibly appreciative of AECOM’s innovation when it came to pivoting to do this update completely virtual. The ingenuity of the virtual room gave us the opportunity to ensure stakeholder participation throughout this process as the World continued to rapidly change around us.

JaLeesa Tate, CFM, Disaster Risk Reduction Directorate, Maryland Emergency Management Agency
  • Bridget Malinowski, P.E · Deputy Asset Management Highways Lead, Transportation, Americas

    I really liked using the virtual room. It was easy to navigate during the interview and we had comments just on the room at the start from the client and how they liked it.

    It was easy for our team to use and move around the room in real time. Helped that we choreographed it and placed the boards in consecutive order.


  • BEVERLEY STINSON · Executive Vice President, DCS Americas Water

    You ROCK…It was simply world class!!!!

  • KAREN CAMPBELL · AVP / Austin Cities Lead / West Region Specialist Team Manager

    You all were a HUGE part of the win – so THANK YOU so very much for all of your work over the past few months!! And especially the last 48 hours. You are all amazing to work with and can’t wait for the next one 🙂

  • PAUL DELPHOS · PE, DBIA, Vice President Water Program Manager, Hampton Roads

    In a word, SUPERB!! The viz team did an amazing job with the room! Truly appreciate you guys making the wild idea a reality!!!

  • TRINA SHEETS · Executive Director at NEMA

    I visited your (Virtual) booth first thing this morning and it’s awesome! Very impressive! Thanks so much to AECOM for your partnership and support. We are very appreciative.

  • PAUL BOUCHER · Senior Graphic Design Manager, DCSA Major Pursuits Group

    WOW! You guys never cease to amaze me! Our colleagues are blown away by this tool; love it!

  • ANN-ALYSSA HILL · Associate Vice President, Southeast Region Marketing Manager, DCS Americas

    It has turned out to be such a fantastic experience! Thanks to the Viz Team!

  • PETER GREGORY · Vice President, SH&E Director, Americas East

    It was an absolute pleasure to work with the AECOM Viz Studio 360 team in turning an idea into an interactive virtual experience (for the AECOM Safeguard Hall).The team was so very helpful in making the vision of creating an engaging Safeguard experience into a reality, one which received overwhelmingly positive responses from a large number of AECOM end users across the globe .It was an amazing experience to work with the group, one that made me think in a different way.

  • CHRIS ORR· Senior Consultant, Emergency Management and Communications

    You all are rock stars!

  • THIA BUGGIA · Multimedia Manager, Water Business Line, DCS Americas

    I had a very positive experience working with Pao and Jeremy on the WEFTEC Virtual 360 room over the last few weeks. The quality of their work is also commendable as well as their ability to brainstorm and find creative solutions to some of the more abstract requests we received. Content and changes were made quickly and accurately – I could not have wished for a more capable team.

  • BRIAN M. HENDRICKS· Sr. Pipeline Designer, Energy & Infrastructure

    Working with the visualization team has been a true joy. The team is above and beyond professional and shines through with each team members own unique skills. All projects are completed well within schedule and budget and willing to adapt to unforeseen obstacles that may arise during the project. All team members make you feel part of their inner team. Class Act and proud to work with any of the visualization team members on any project.

  • DAVID LHRIE · CTO, Center for Innovative Technology

    I want to echo Brian’s remarks…fantastic job all! We are planning to build on this effort and design, and your work continues to wow our customer! Many thanks.