Stephen Paul
Stephen PaulVisualization and Immersive Technology Director
Stephen Paul is Sr. Manager of the Visualization Studio.
He brings a long career in Design and Production Management to the team, spanning experience in live performance, film/video and animation, interactive media and extended Reality.
Chris Medeck
Chris MedeckSenior Visualization Expert
Chris is an experienced 3D artist with a knack for finding unique solutions to rendering and animation challenges.

Although most of his time is spend in 3ds Max developing and rendering 3d models, he’s also well versed in post-production software. Along with his role in production, he also leads and manages projects for the team.

Jeremy Siew
Jeremy SiewVisualization Specialist
Jeremy is a multi-disciplinary artist focusing on Creative Direction, Video / Audio, Motion Graphics, Animation, Illustration, Photo Editing and Digital Painting.
With a background in Fine Arts / Architecture and over 20 years of experience, he has created evocative imagery for local and international projects for Architecture, Landscape Design, Master-planning, Environmental, Water and Multimedia sectors.
Morgan Garrard
Morgan GarrardInnovation Manager
Morgan is an Innovation Manager and Software Architect with a focus on Extended Reality (XR). He has 25 years of design experience, a Master of Architecture, and 20 years of combined coding experience in game engines, web development and parametric design. He is recently responsible for the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act Standards) compliant design and production of our 360 Virtual Room websites.
Chris Murphy
Chris MurphyVisualization Specialist
Chris is an artist with 20+ years of experience in the 3D visualization and animation field.
Chris is involved in most 360 rooms, along with producing stand-alone renderings and animations.
Pao Xiong
Pao XiongVisualization Specialist
Pao Ye Xiong is a 3D Artist and Designer with a special interest in the challenges of creating 3D models, digital designs, 3D visualization, and virtual reality.
He takes pleasure in modeling, texturing, rigging, animating, digital compositing, digital designing, and interactive programming.
Lindsay S Zuniga
Lindsay S ZunigaDigital Experience Designer
Lindsay is a lead digital experience designer who specializes in creative strategy and execution. An intuitive designer with a love for functionality (and coffee!). She augments a deep understanding of building, design, and engineering markets, consistently maintains up-to-date knowledge of software tools and practices to deepen her expertise and abilities and provide accessible client-forward digital visual solutions.
Brad Courtney
Brad CourtneyVideo Production Manager
Brad is our Video Production Manager and has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of broadcast and corporate video production.

From editing to shooting, to writing and directing, Brad has worked on a wide and varied list of projects for our clients over his 15 years with the firm.

Eric Elftman
Eric Elftman3D Animation Specialist
Eric is a Computer Animator/3D Artist who has 20 years of experience in producing architectural and engineering visualizations.

His work includes static & animated videos in architectural, civil, as well as structural and mechanical engineering.

Eric Sweeter
Eric SweeterVisualization Specialist
Eric Sweeter is a general multimedia artist whose work encompasses a wide variety of visual mediums, currently specializing in 3D renderings, animations, and informational videos.
Alvaro Torres
Alvaro TorresMulti-Media Artist
Al is a multimedia graphic designer and is responsible for the production of all the printed and computer graphics for the corporate and public involvement projects for AECOM.

He specializes in digital editing of photographs and computer-generated images using Photoshop, Illustrator and motion graphics with After-Effects and Premiere.

Joel Cabrera
Joel CabreraSoftware Developer
Joel has a background in Computer Information Systems and Psychology. He graduated from the NY Code and Design Academy, one of the elite coding boot camps in the North-East.

Joel brings a solid skillset developing user facing websites and applications using JavaScript technologies.